Zaboo Needs a Friend
One gamer's quest for the best friend the internet can find….


This is Steve. He is a great friend and a loyal companion. He fetches my newspaper every morning and is house trained. He loves playing fetch and is well behaved. I love putting costumes on him because when he runs around in them he looks so cute trying to get them off. He has been in some world first kills in The Game and has recently come back from a big break looking to make new friends.

Excuse the poor image, he moves around a lot and had to wait until I dangled some DPS potions in front of him.

This post was submitted by Clayton Currey.

5 Responses to “Steve.”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Looks a bit like Patrick Fugit, but I’ll bite.

  2. Sheryse Says:

    Cutest pet eva hahahaha I vote Steve!!!!

  3. lola suz Says:

    Bwhahaha does steve eat much? Looks very cute hehe

  4. Laura Says:

    …is he house broken?

  5. Shell Says:


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