Zaboo Needs a Friend
One gamer's quest for the best friend the internet can find….


12 Week Old Foster Kitten
Found On The Mean Streets Of Antigo Wisconsin
Allies With Fellow Companions: Gnome & Riley (Cats), Fur Elyse (Guinea Pig), Jocelyn & Janalli (Rats), Modest & Cheesus (Mice), Gretchen & Mai (Hamsters) and Archibald (Betta Fish)
Perceived Nemesis Of: Molly, Avery, Dinah (Cats) and SamWiseGamgee (Dog)
Enjoys scaling klik klak couches, digging up pony tails palms and attacking Foster Mom’s feet.
Special Abilities Include:
Crying for Milk, Getting Close to Mom’s Boobs… Closer than Foster Dad anyway and melting the hearts of 300+ friends on Foster Mom’s Facebook Page.

A Vote For Saxon, Is A Vote For All Critters Currently & Formerly Part Of The Dangerous And Often Seen Street Gang Known Only As “The Paw”

This post was submitted by Michelle Becker.

10 Responses to “Saxon”

  1. FrozenPatriot Says:

    =^_^= Kitteh

  2. Kim Says:

    He’s a honey! His sweet face and funny antics can entertain me forever!
    ~ A Facebook Fan

  3. Natalia Says:

    I sqqueeeeeeeeeeeee at such a cute kitty cat. Oh I wish he was mine!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Pretty Kitty! Oh so evil though…

  5. Jill Messer Says:

    Saxon would be your best choice…He would be a great BFF

  6. Jill Says:

    Cute Kittah!!

  7. Heather Says:


  8. Ron Says:

    Cute Kitty…<3

  9. Daya Says:

    So Cute!

  10. kitty Says:

    Cute! Love the caption.

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