Zaboo Needs a Friend
One gamer's quest for the best friend the internet can find….


October 16th, 2012

He has a nice personality like codex, and is very opinionated just like tink, he is always looking for attention like blades, and catches onto some things slow in a funny and cute way like clara,and he is clever like vork…sometimes 😀

This post was submitted by Sam Irey.


October 16th, 2012

This glorious beast of a corgi’s favorite activity is awkwardly following strange woman around parks, followed closely by licking Sulu the cat’s head.

Zaboo has taken it a mission to make sure his human is never cold, by lying across their neck like a stole. Imagine it now; a cold winters night leveling up your character when suddenly a glorious warmth is upon your shoulders followed by a loving snuffle-snort in your ear.

He is the terror that stalks in the night, he is ZABOO!

This post was submitted by Molly.


October 16th, 2012

Bubba is a nine year old Boxer born on April Fool’s Day so he’s a jolly enough jokester to be Zaboo’s best friend from birth! Crazy right?! Destiny’d! A typical Boxer, he follows his mommy around all day and only wants to spend time with his people so he’s a perfect companion because he’d never abandon you! He loves you with every inch of his being regardless of what you do, how you look, or how you smell so long nights of raiding won’t bother him at all! He’s a little too clumsy for optimal PvE or PvP, but he has excellent CC abilities using doggy breath ability and adorable facial emotes. He has a bouncy, spunky, and often times overwhelming personality. Zaboo, he’s your perfect match!

This post was submitted by Chellee.


October 16th, 2012

Cora loves to fetch sticks and tennis balls. She’ll bring them right back to you and drop them on your feet. If you ignore her, she’ll bump you on the knee over and over with her wet nose until you throw it again.

Core is very single-minded in her work. On a recent camping trip, she couldn’t find the stick that was thrown for her, so she went to a neighboring camp and stole a piece of their firewood while they watched in confusion.

On the other hand, if you’re playing an MMO, she’s very content to lay on the floor by your feet until you’re ready to play fetch again.

This post was submitted by Dawn.


October 16th, 2012

Raid kitty looking for partner to hack, slash, loot, farm and cuddle with. 3+ years experience playing WoW and Diablo. Quiet purr and meow so you will never miss the raid leader’s instructions. Able to cuddle/raid in the laptop cat or desktop cat configuration, your choice. Great listener. Willing to trade constant companionship and affection for room and board with a full time gamer.

This post was submitted by Melissa Windle.


October 16th, 2012

This is my man mitch hes part main coon he loves to play hide and seek lazer tag and pounce at mirrors, he is a devious feline that gets into some trouble with betta fish

Your Friend Mitch

This post was submitted by Britany.


October 16th, 2012

Diva has his own myspace page and clothing line. He’s fashionable, and role plays often. This picture is called “Meowzebub”.

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October 16th, 2012

He’d be the perfect pet because he is very affectionate and knows to stay away from the computer!

This post was submitted by Sam.


October 16th, 2012

Frampton is in search of a new BFF, someone who gets her and doesn’t just want to cuddle all the time. She was found in downtown Toledo, OH where a Peter Frampton concert was thought to be held, but instead it was a random blues/jazz show! She is apparently a very open minded cat however, as she slept on the sidewalk listening to the music. This does not make her a hipster, this makes her a great people person. Er… people cat.

She is a petite little cat who gets cold at times, so she takes naps on computer routers where it is nice and toasty. That’s how she became the infamous “Router Cat” on youtube. Since napping is one of her favorite past times and she always gets a nice view of the monitor, she has been introduced to games like WoW and loves it. But the giant cardboard Pandaren that the video game store let us have terrifies the crap out of her and she won’t walk in the room if she knows it is standing upright. She must know secrets that the rest of us don’t.

Frampton (or Frampy) also cosplays from time to time. Her costume of Doctor Doom (see picture) is no big deal. It has only won several catnip treats and praises from the public. This Halloween she’ll be going as a squirrel.

But don’t let Frampton intimidate you. At the end of the day, she’ll nudge you to let her under the blanket and snuggle. She just doesn’t want everyone to think that’s all she’s about. This kitty is constantly doing new cool things and would be your best wingman/BFF/healer.

This post was submitted by Diana.


October 16th, 2012

Cali is very playful and helpful when it comes to MMO games such as WoW. She will come over and paw at your hands while it is on the computer and type to others. She is also very sweet so if you need some snuggle time she is good for that too. Cali would be honored to help you pwn n00bs or troll trade.

This post was submitted by Shannon.