Zaboo Needs a Friend
One gamer's quest for the best friend the internet can find….


Ever since he was a pup he has enjoyed sitting on my lap while I play MMORPGs on the interwebs. He helps me jump around on the screen by resting his chin on the space bar.

He may look like an innocent corgi, but as his Joker hoodie will tell you, he can be very mischevious. But other times he feels like being lawful good, as shown by his Batman collar. Ooooh, unpredictability!!

Pick Frodo Pupkins to be your new BFF and I promise that you will have many romps in the wilds of the MMO worlds! Also, he’ll show you all the best places to roll in the yard.

This post was submitted by Courtney.

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  1. Randy Says:

    Frodo Pupkins for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!

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