Zaboo Needs a Friend
One gamer's quest for the best friend the internet can find….


October 8th, 2012

In order to help fill in the lonely hours of abandonment between raiding with my best Guild friends I’ve decided to look for a soul mate/companion. I know the perfect pet is out there for me and, as always I’ve asked the internet to solve my problems. Help me, internet, you’re my only hope. hehe. quote’d.

Submit your candidates for my perfect match below. You need to put the name of your pet, a description of WHY they’d be perfect for me and a picture. You can do all of that ON THIS PAGE. Click the link and submitted! PENGUINS NEED NOT APPLY.

I’ll post all of the pets below, so comment on your favorite.

UPDATE: Pictures don’t always go through. If yours didn’t appear, just leave a comment on your post with the URL to your picture and I’ll get it up for you (in between raids). Internet’d!

Shark Bait, Thing 1 & Thing 2

November 6th, 2012

Shark Bait, Thing 1 & Thing 2 are African dwarf frogs. Alas, due to their lack of opposable thumbs, they are not as into gaming as one would like (though they get very jumpy and excited when they watch), they are excellent travel-size road-trippers, and perfect convention side-kicks!
Bonus: They come with snail friends!

This post was submitted by Katherine.

Superbunny Minimushroom

October 25th, 2012

Superbunny uses her powers of mind control convince both enemies and friends to provide her with sustenance and free loot. She is also an experienced escape artist.

One minute, she’s just the cutest little fuzzy wuzzy adorableness…the next, her enemies lay defeated on a blood-soaked battlefield.

She also has excellent taste in hats.

This post was submitted by Isabel Johnson.


October 23rd, 2012

Red can hold his breath longer than anyone; He can fight multiple enemies with his mighty double wielded antenna. He has the ability to whip his tail causing great destruction or a nasty pinch if you hold him wrong. But he is also a good listener as he will he can just sit there for hours…..listening.

This post was submitted by Seadog.


October 19th, 2012

He’s a wild and crazy kinda guy, just like you Zaboo ! Doesn’t let anyone or anything get in his way, but should someone, or something, be dumb enough to try, well, just look at that cute expression on his face !

This post was submitted by Kerry.


October 18th, 2012

I am currently fostering a mom cat and her 4 kittens from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. This family was out of time and the babies were still nursing (4-weeks old). I am giving them a temporary home until they are weaned and find forever homes. That’s where you come in, Zaboo! Here is a pic of Batman – he is the biggest of the 4 babies. The other babies are Catwoman – she’s a handful(!), Lucy and Ricky. Mom is Money Penny (must be said with a Sean Connery voice – MUST!) The babies won’t be ready for adoption for another 2 weeks or so, but you can reserve one now! I can send pics of the others if you like. Please consider adopting one of these amazing kitties! HUGE Guild fan, BTW 🙂

This post was submitted by Lisa Hansell.


October 18th, 2012

Earl is by far the best friend anyone could ask for. He enjoys loafing around, eating everything, and rolling around on the floor. Earl was rescued as a kitten in 2006 and has been in our lives ever since. He enjoys sitting on his human’s lap while she browses the internet. Cuddles and kisses are necessary. Also, please share all ice cream and pudding with him; People foods and dryer lint are his favorites.

This post was submitted by Deven.


October 18th, 2012

Manticora clearly knows when it is time to stop raiding and pay attention to her. Like her mythical namesake, Cora is a mix of fearsome creatures – the classic black cat and the marmalade tabby. She is also a great conversationalist who will purr her way into your heart. She’s still looking for her meow, but she uses a variety of squeaks and chirps to communicate. Manticora is an excellent climber and leaps higher everyday. She enjoys riding on her person’s shoulder (so much cooler than a parrot) and at the end of the day she’ll curl up next to you to fall asleep. Manticora will serve you well as a faithful sidekick and she’ll never stop showing how much she loves you.

This post was submitted by Annie.

Tyson: the overly-attached boxer

October 16th, 2012

There is so much I could say about my dog Tyson. But let’s start with the basics.

He is a full-breed Boxer, chocolate, with white socks. We adopted him when he was just 6 months old. He’s now just shy of 2 years old and he has a BIG heart.

He has undying love and loyalty for everyone he comes to meet (except the kids down the street… for some reason he’s never liked them).

Not one person can leave the house without Tyson pacing around and whimpering full of worry for them. Where did they go? Are they coming back? Are they safe? Have they been gone for 5 seconds or 5 hours?

Sometimes he won’t even let us leave the house. One time, I had to go outside to get a package, and he played dead right in front of the door so that I couldn’t open it. Now that’s loyalty and dedication!

So Zaboo doesn’t have to worry about Tyson leaving him, Tyson would most likely be the one more worried about Zaboo leaving him.

It’s a match made in heaven!

P.S: He’s not experienced in MMOs but if Zaboo isn’t big on sports, he need not fear, Tyson is the annihilator of sports balls.

This post was submitted by Katie.


October 16th, 2012

He was a stray. Loud purrer. He can be hard across a room. He has a birth defect on his left eye so it doesn’t always open all the way. He recently got injured and had to have half his teeth removed on the right side of his upper jaw. He is a bit shy around strangers but super sweet. He body slams you for attention and is not shy about demanding food. He likes boxing with dogs and squirrels. He loves food. Deli meats, chicken, grated cheese and cheese cake most of all.

This post was submitted by Tanya.


October 16th, 2012

Yagie is named after jagermeister but spelled differently. Still, you will have about as much fun playing with Yagie as you will drinking jagermeister. Even more amazing, this cat is always dressed for a good time because the color of her fur makes her appear as though she is constantly wearing a tuxedo. The last amazing quality Yagie possess that no other pet will ever is that she ups your sex appeal to other women. The longer you let the ladies pat this kitty the more likely they are to let you pat theirs ;).

This post was submitted by Laura P..